Thursday, July 18, 2013

Books by Don Maddox

Don is an author with a very diverse background. Don is a former Telecommunications manager, home builder, banker, home inspector, real estate note broker and business owner. 

 Growing up in a small Georgia cotton mill village prior to entering the business world gives the author a very interesting and entertaining perspective on life. Don is equally as adept at working with his hands, managing a business and telling a good story. 

Don writes from his experiences in the business world as well as from the many entertaining stories from his youth. 

Books by Don Maddox 
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 Do it Yourself Tips and Ideas

Tips and Ideas for the Homeowner Handyman
This book is a compilation of tips and ideas acquired through years of experience as a home builder and home inspector.

Pictures and descriptions of my hand carved wood carvings. Included are many beautiful, comical and creative wood carvings. All carvings were hand carved by Don Maddox personally.

Are You Considering the Note Business?

This book is an overview of the real estate note business through the eyes of a former note broker.

 The Boar Tusk Monster

Story of a young boys encounter with a ape man monster.

Don't Mind My Manners

Growing up in the old south, good manners were emphasized and expected. Today with a transient population, and social changes good manners are being diluted.